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Blockchain technology a force for good, says advocate

Blockchain advocate Myrtle Anne Ramos
Blockchain advocate Myrtle Anne Ramos

Blockchain technology will improve the lives of ordinary citizens by increasing transparency and freedom.

This is the fervent belief of Myrtle Anne Ramos, who is pushing for the widespread adoption of blockchain. Blockchain promises to decentralize and improve the efficiency of government services. How? By making records publicly yet securely available to every citizen. This will result in transparent citizen rights and the elimination of bureaucracy.

Demystifying blockchain technology

“We must seize the opportunity to shape technology as a force for good. Because technology in its basic form is almost always neutral–it is neither good nor bad,” Ramos said. 

For blockchain technology to become a force for good, it must permeate every aspect of society, Ramos stressed.

Blockchain is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology industry. Unfamiliarity, however, may be triggering the fear of the unknown.

What, exactly, is blockchain technology? Here is an excellent “Blockchain for Kids” video from the Lisk Academy to demystify the concept.

Myrtle Anne and the art of blockchain advocacy

Ramos is certainly doing her share in educating people and promoting blockchain across Asia. She wears many hats, including being the founder of Block Tides. This company specializes in events management, PR consulting, and digital media in the blockchain and technology industry. Ramos is also the business director of Singapore-based blockchain news media Asia Token Fund. She also won as Best Crypto Journalist at the Krypton Events Gurus Awards held last December in Bangkok.

How does she feel about being named Best Crypto Journalist?

“Overwhelmed and grateful. All my hard work paid off. It made me realize that you can definitely be whatever you want to be in this world as long as you have dedication and passion,” Ramos said.

Pursuing your passion

Myrtle Anne Ramos is passionate about technology
Create your own reality, says Myrtle Anne Ramos

Ramos said she has always been passionate about technology even during her elementary and high school years. She also took on a number of tech support roles in her eight years in the business process outsourcing industry.

How did she first become involved with the blockchain industry?

“I was hired as an investor relations person for a blockchain startup, researching and making my own strategy on how to raise funds. I had my own connections. Suddenly someone offered me a job as the business director for a news company based in Singapore. He saw my skills, passion, and potential. I really want to thank him for giving me the big break of my life.”

Even though the situation has improved over the years, the technology field is still predominantly male. What is Ramos’ advice for young girls in elementary and high school dreaming of making it in the technology industry?

“Believe and invest in yourself. If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality. You are the creator of your own reality.”


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