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Gamers FTW: #PlayApartTogether with Lenovo Legion

A portrait of the actress as a gamer. Lenovo Philippines brand ambassador Megan Young. Image credit: Megan Young Facebook page
A portrait of the actress as a gamer. Lenovo Philippines brand ambassador Megan Young. Image credit: Megan Young Facebook page

Long Live The Legion! OK, wait, that’s a different Legion, but avid gamers in the Philippines will be happy to hear good news from Lenovo Legion.

First up, Miss World 2013 and Lenovo Philippines brand ambassador Megan Young has launched the Lenovo Legion #PlayApartTogether Giveaway on her Facebook page.

Coping with the quarantine via gaming

In another exciting development for gamers, Lenovo Legion has announced that its next-generation Lenovo Legion 7i and Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptops will feature NVIDIA and Intel’s latest technologies.

“We’ve all had different ways of coping and my outlet has been through gaming ?? it’s been calming me down but it’s also helped in reconnecting with some friends who now use gaming as a stress reliever too ?,” Young said in her Facebook post.

Young said participants can get a chance to upgrade their quarantine setup with a Legion Y740, or one of five Legion H500 Pro 7.1 headsets, by joining the Lenovo Legion #PlayApartTogether Giveaway.

On March 29, game companies and the World Health Organization joined forces to launch the #PlayApartTogether campaign. This initiative encourages people to stay home while also using video games to disseminate WHO’s health guidelines. Lenovo Legion is one of the brands supporting the campaign.

“Lenovo Legion has always been about empowering the global gaming community to connect, engage and have fun through immersive, digital experiences. We’re proud to join the #PlayApartTogether campaign as we stand united with the community during this global crisis now, more than ever. To continue making an impact where it matters most, the Lenovo Foundation will also be making a $25,000 grant contribution to the WHO to support the fight against the virus, in addition to the $10 million global response to date,” Matt Bereda, Lenovo Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing, Intelligent Devices Group, said in a press statement.

Why gaming is time well spent

Video games are actually boosting the well-being of people during the quarantine.

“Research shows games help facilitate a sense of autonomy by giving players freedom of choice and, depending on the game, a meaningful narrative for completing tasks. Well-designed games also facilitate a feeling of competence by presenting challenges that aren’t too hard or too easy and feel rewarding to overcome.

They offer a clearly defined ‘sense of progress and achievability’, as Jennifer Scheurle explains. This is especially valuable during lockdown when your days may feel monotonous.

Lenovo Legion: The Next Generation

To make games even more enjoyable, Lenovo Legion is promising more immersive experiences with its next-gen gaming PCs.

The vendor said its upcoming PC line-up will feature the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GPU with Max-Q Design.

The new GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs with Max-Q Design will power the Lenovo Legion 7i laptop. This will enable gamers to enjoy higher clock speeds and new levels of realism in AAA games.

The Lenovo Legion 7i laptop that will be launched this year.
The Lenovo Legion 7i laptop that will be launched this year.

Meanwhile, the Lenovo Legion 5i laptop will offer up to RTX 2060 GPU. Lenovo Legion’s new gaming PCs will also support NVIDIA G-SYNC technology for smoother, tear-free gameplay. Both new Lenovo Legion laptops will offer up to the latest 10th Gen Intel Core H-Series mobile processors.

Say hello to the upcoming Lenovo Legion 5i laptop.
Say hello to the upcoming Lenovo Legion 5i laptop.

The two laptops will also be the first to feature the new NVIDIA Advanced Optimus technology for improved battery efficiency.

This technology dynamically detects GPU workloads. It automatically connects either the NVIDIA GPU (for demanding workloads) or the IGP (for light workloads) to the display. This helps preserve battery life when light workload applications are running. Meanwhile, it delivers maximum performance and frame rates when games are being played.

Excited? Stay tuned for the launch, gamers!


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