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Online live event platform for blockchain space launched

TEAMZ, Inc. CEO and Co-founder Tianyu Yang says they created the online live event platform and social network in response to COVID-19.
TEAMZ, Inc. CEO and Co-founder Tianyu Yang says they created the online live event platform and social network in response to COVID-19.

Tokyo-based blockchain solutions company TEAMZ, Inc. has announced the launch of what it touts as the world’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency online live event platform and social network.

The new ChainTalk TV platform from TEAMZ will host its first event, Crypto Asia Summit, on May 18-23. Registration is free. You just need to sign up for the online live event platform and social network, where you will attend the virtual sessions and interact with more than 50 speakers. These include Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Executive Chairman Roger Ver, Fenbushi Capital Partner Remington Ong, Derivatives Trader & Consultant Tone Vays, and Huobi Group VP of Global Business Ciara Sun.

Responding to COVID-19

“We have combined virtual events with a social networking aspect, which I think is really cool. Our goal is to be valuable, not necessarily different. We want to help people that are interested in this space to learn more and also attract newcomers. We encourage all the speakers to create a valuable presentation that teaches the viewer something as opposed to another sales pitch,” Tianyu Yang, CEO and co-founder of TEAMZ, Inc., told Digital Life Asia.

Yang is a Chinese entrepreneur and investor who is now based in Tokyo.

“TEAMZ is our solutions company. We work with many fintech companies and help with digital marketing, localization to Japan and China, and working with exchanges. ChainTalk is our media brand which we have recently relaunched into this virtual event social networking platform,” he said.

Every year, their company runs an offline blockchain event called TEAMZ Blockchain Summit.

“COVID forced us to cancel this year’s event. Originally we were planning to do an online event but it quickly developed into creating a whole new platform that allowed people to also be social and interactive. We’re excited for new updates to come,” he said.

Networking with experts

The Crypto Asia Summit aims to equip attendees with proven strategies, tools, and insight to access usable projects, join the cryptocurrency movement, and network with top industry experts. Moreover, they can already interact with these experts and other attendees via the social network even prior to the event. This massive virtual summit will showcase the capabilities of the Chain Talk TV online live event platform and social network devoted to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

What is the vision for ChainTalk TV?

“The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is filled with spam and sales pitches. At ChainTalk TV, we want to change that. Our vision is to provide a dynamic platform that will help all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, regardless of where you live, an opportunity to learn about opportunities, new projects, technology, and become an active member in the industry. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join in, learn, and have some fun!”

Supporting the community

Here are the things members can do on ChainTalk TV.

  • Host an event
  • List an event
  • Promote an event
  • Create a ChainTalk account
  • Post to your profile wall
  • Join private groups
  • Network with industry experts and like-minded people
  • Attend a live event
  • Watch on-demand content
  • Read the latest crypto and blockchain news
  • Join ChainTalk TV’s WeChat and Telegram groups and participate in their AMAs
  • Live chat, post pictures, add friends, comment on friend’s posts

To help the cryptocurrency and blockchain community, ChainTalk TV even offers a free package for promoting their events on the platform. They can list and host a live event for 40 minutes for a maximum of 50 people. ChainTalk TV also offers different packages for those who want to avail of more features.

What does Yang see as the main challenges to the success of blockchain and cryptocurrency?

“The biggest challenge is projects that have a usable product by the mass consumer. Through this platform we hope to host workshops and demos to help people use blockchain products and services to help them in their daily lives,” he said.

Ready for some virtual blockchain networking? The new normal for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry may already be here.

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