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WWE Superstars invade The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

WWE Superstars are invading The King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

As a pro wrestling fan, I’ve seen a number of invasions over the years. But WWE Superstars invading The King of Fighters ALLSTAR in the KOF ALLSTAR x WWE Collaboration might be the most awesome.

KOF ALLSTAR is a beat ’em up role-playing game developed by Netmarble Games and published by SNK. This mobile game, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, previously had crossovers with Tekken and Samurai Shodown. The crossover event with WWE will end on June 3.

Two worlds collide

During this crossover event, players can collect and permanently add these six WWE Superstars to their rosters: The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston. The crossover event also has an official Facebook page to keep fans updated.

As a gamer and pro wrestling fan, you can imagine how happy I am about this crossover.

“WWE and The King of Fighters have been entertaining people around the world for decades, so bringing these two franchises together in our game is something truly special for us and the players,” said Netmarble Executive Producer Shin Hwa Cho in a press statement.

“We worked closely with WWE to provide a truly authentic experience, bringing the likeness and moves of each Superstar to our game. We know our players are going to love the experience,” she added.

WWE Superstars in action

Each WWE Superstar’s appearance, mannerisms and movesets have been faithfully recreated for players to experience. Apart from the characters, this collaboration will also feature WWE-themed events, dungeons, and more.

The WWE-themed content will include:

  • Time Attack Mode: Players can play Time Attack Mode with WWE Superstars
  • WWE-Themed Summon Banner: Players can obtain Superstars via two new Banners
  • Super Mission: Players can obtain The Rock by completing a new Super Mission
  • WWE-Themed Dungeons: Kofi Kingston is obtainable by gathering rewards from a Rush Event Dungeon; there is a WWE-themed Mini Dungeon to get various rewards too
  • WWE-Themed Roulette: Players can get John Cena via the new Roulette Event

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. I can smell what The Rock is cooking.

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