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Miss Fury, the original ‘Cat Woman’, returns via Indiegogo

In 1941, during the Golden Age of Comics, Miss Fury became the first female action hero created by a woman. Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment

In 1941, during the Golden Age of Comics, Miss Fury became the first female action hero created by a woman. She was so popular that during World War II, Miss Fury graced the nose of four B17 and B24 bombers. Now Dynamite Entertainment has announced that she is returning in a new original graphic novel available only on Indiegogo.

Multiple Eisner-nominated Billy Tucci (Shi, Sgt. Rock) is the writer of the original graphic novel Miss Fury: Joy Division, which will be a complete 100-page story. It features the work of artist Maria Laura Sanapo (Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica) with colorist Ceci de la Cruz and letterer Mindy Lopkin.

The origin of Miss Fury

Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment

“I’m beyond excited to play a role in bringing back one of the most influential characters in comics history,” writer Tucci said in a press statement.

“Miss Fury will battle the Third Reich from the skies over New York to behind enemy lines in occupied France as Marla Drake is charged with capturing and bringing to justice the sadistic Nazi commander of the infamous ‘Joy Division.’ More importantly, I take it very, very seriously to honor Miss Fury’s creator, June Tarpé Mills, and to bring to light one of the most heinous yet forgotten episodes of the Holocaust.”

“I’m proud to continue the legacy of the great woman June Tarpé Mills on this marvelous character Miss Fury,” said artist Sanapo. “Her contribution to comics history is immense, with her talent and feminine touch. Each page has been a blast for me and working with Billy is fantastic!”

Miss Fury, whose real name is Marla Drake, first appeared on April 6, 1941 as a Sunday comic strip. Originally called The Black Fury, the title became Miss Fury in November 1941.

Writer and artist June Tarpé Mills chronicled the tales of the original “Cat Woman” for a full decade in newspaper strips, with the character also licensed at the time for a Marvel comic book. Mills and her heroine were more ahead of their time than even their notable first indicates. Mills dropped her first name when signing the strip to disguise her gender. Meanwhile, in 1947, 37 papers dropped the feature in protest when Marla wore a bikini.

Joy Division

Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Tucci and Sanapo continue that legacy of boundary-breaking in this new Miss Fury tale. Titled Joy Division, the story delves into that eponymous deep dark secret of the Nazi regime. Through the 1940s, several concentration camps had brothels and forced Jewish women to work as prostitutes for soldiers.

This rarely discussed, dark tragedy of history remains starkly relevant today. Miss Fury and her team of Black Furies have discovered this cruel phenomenon and are going to kick some Nazi ass, in an all-female “Inglourious Basterds”-style mission. Joy Division actually fits perfectly into a continuity gap in the original storylines, taking place in the summer of 1944. The book also has its blessings from the Mills family.

“This is a story Billy has wanted to tell for years,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “Some fans may remember it was originally going to be periodicals, but there were scheduling issues. Then Billy wanted to change the format and take it directly to fans, as he’s done so successfully with Shi. Billy wanted to bring in Maria, but she was busy working on our fun crossover with Archie Comics, so we pushed this back until she was available. With Ceci and Mindy joining too, everyone has finally been able to get back to this project, and it’s become all the more personal and better for it. I can’t wait for fans to read this incredible story!”

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Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Three alternate covers by Tucci are available across paperback and hardcover options. There are alternate covers by Sanapo and Asha Kishna. Add-ons include multiple lithograph prints, a trading card set, and a challenge coin.

For retailers who love Miss Fury, Billy Tucci, and want to support this, there is a wholesale pledge level. There are bundles to get each cover or to get everything with a sweet customized ammunition box display. And backers can stay tuned for potential stretch goals to be revealed…

So, are you a comic book fan like me? Pre-order now at Indiegogo.

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  1. BNN

    It was originally announced as an ongoing series drawn by Emma Kubert back in 2018, but for reasons still unknown to be public, she’s replaced by Sanapo. Meanwhile, what will happen to the supposed variant covers by Kubert, Mike McKone, Ken Lashley, and Jan Duursema?

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