Legends of Runeterra: Upcoming features and modes

Legends of Runeterra will introduce a variety of new features and content this June and in the next few months.

Love Legends of Runeterra? Then you’ll be excited to know that a variety of new features and content will come out this June and in the next few months.

“Our goal has been to develop an entire ecosystem of modes and features for you to show off your skill,” said Jeff Jew, Executive Producer – Legends of Runeterra at Riot Games, in their latest developer video.

Gauntlets are coming

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play, digital collectible card game featuring iconic League of Legends champions. It also introduces new characters originating from the world of Runeterra. Riot Games launched it across Southeast Asia on May 1. It is their first cross-platform game in Southeast Asia.

Gauntlets are limited-time competitive modes with unique deck-building rules.

The first Gauntlet will arrive on June 26 (patch 1.4). This will use standard deck-building rules to test-drive the underlying tech. After that, the next Gauntlet will challenge players to build a deck using no more than one copy of each card.

Gauntlets will be live over weekends (three to four days), with weekly swaps as the developers add more formats.

Labs and events in July

Meanwhile, Labs are experimental game modes with more extreme gameplay changes. This will be a more lighthearted, casual take on modes.

“You’ll never know what you’re going to get with a Lab, but we guarantee there will be wild gameplay and some mad science,” said Andrew Yip, Design Director – Legends of Runeterra at Riot Games, in the developer video.

The first Lab will debut on July 8 (patch 1.5). It involves unusual champion team-ups, unpredictable strategies, and an accelerated start to the action.

Players can also expect special thematic events. These will bundle together cosmetic items, quests, and potentially a Gauntlet or Lab. It will be a month-long celebration full of cool new stuff to check out.

During an event, every player will have access to a series of limited-time rewards that can be unlocked just by playing. There will also be an Event Pass in the store that adds even more rewards to unlock along the way. The first event takes place in July, but the developers are keeping the theme under wraps for now.

New cards and regions

The developers plan to release more cards more frequently, creating back-to-back waves of new mechanics and champions. Starting in August, they will introduce new cards every two months. They will also introduce the next region every six months. Each new region will be the focus for three content releases.

Watch the developer video for more details on what’s coming in 2020.