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Aya Fernandez: Authentic voice for Lenovo ThinkBook

Instead of the usual marketing speak, we want an authentic voice. Which is why it's wonderful to see longtime Lenovo user Aya Fernandez becoming the new Lenovo ThinkBook brand ambassador.

Authenticity. This is what we demand nowadays from brands, especially in the age of COVID-19. Instead of the usual marketing speak, we want an authentic voice.

Which is why it’s wonderful to see longtime Lenovo user Aya Fernandez becoming the new Lenovo ThinkBook Ambassadress.

Authentic voice

It doesn’t get more real than Fernandez’s tweet when she shared the poster for the live stream that would introduce her as the new ThinkBook Ambassadress.

Bukod sa barkada ko, ‘yung Lenovo laptop ko ata nakasubaybay ng lahat ng balde-baldeng luha at kayod ko mula high school hanggang college. Haha!

And she would prove to be just as real at the virtual press briefing. This wasn’t the usual press briefing where company executives do all the talking. Instead, Lenovo Philippines  chose to have Fernandez, a member of Gen Z, host the virtual session. After all, the company touts the ThinkBook as the office laptop for millennials and Gen Z. So it was good to see Lenovo practicing what it preaches. And letting us hear the authentic voice of the next-gen workforce.

Actress. Dancer. Beauty queen. Social entrepreneur.

When she was still a student, Fernandez became the founder and president of Project Lily PH. This is a livelihood program for persons with disabilities. They make eco-uling (eco-friendly charcoal) from water lilies, coconut husks, and agri-forest waste.

Work-life integration

As you can see, Fernandez wears many hats. She quipped that she practically uses her ThinkBook 24/7. The ThinkBook 15 keeps pace with her busy schedule as she balances work life with her advocacies. From doing research to managing her social enterprise to editing videos, the ThinkBook 15 is perfect for her needs.

I asked if she also gets to use the ThinkBook for entertainment.

“I also use it to listen to music,” she said. Though basically she finds joy in her work and it’s practically all the entertainment she needs.

She pointed out that it’s also important that the ThinkBook 15 is sleek and stylish. Just because it offers great performance doesn’t mean it has to compromise on style. After all, the next-gen workforce is used to a smartphone-like experience. In fact, the ThinkBook 15 has an integrated fingerprint reader on the Smart Power Button. This means that logging into the laptop is as quick and easy as unlocking a smartphone.

Millennials and Gen Z are also quite comfortable with work-life integration. Especially now that working from home is becoming the new normal. In fact, the trend is not just to wotk from home, but to work from anywhere. Which is why it helps that the ThinkBook 15 is a lightweight device that also offers a battery life of up to 12 hours. So you can keep it unplugged and work on the go.

Helping others

Listening to Fernandez, you can’t help but be inspired and impressed. She is very earnest in her desire to help others. To use her talents and take advantage of technology to make a difference in the lives of people. All while remaining bubbly and spontaneous. An authentic voice for a generation that wants to make the world a better place.

She expressed the hope that people will no longer have a negative perception of technology. For instance, the usual complaint that young people are spending too much time on the computer.

“It’s not how much time you spend on the computer. It’s what you do,” she said.

She added that her generation has no excuse, because all this technology is available to them. So it would be a shame to let this go to waste, especially when not everyone is fortunate to have access to technology. Clearly, she believes that technology is a force for good.

“We are overjoyed to introduce Aya as the ambassador for our ThinkBook series. Our devices are designed to redefine productivity with instantaneous response, making the line well suited to the young generation — tech-savvy, driven, and diverse,” Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager Michael Ngan said in a press statement.

“Aya not only embodies this spirit with fierce passion but goes beyond expectations by balancing all her roles and responsibilities at the same time. She inspires people to work hard and work smart in achieving success, which is one of the main goals of Lenovo‚Äôs smarter technology. We believe ThinkBook and Aya are a perfect pair,” Ngan said.

A wonderful choice for an ambassadress, indeed. Thanks, Aya Fernandez, for being real.

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