Tencent Sports taps Mineski Global for WUCL 2020

Tencent Sports has tapped Mineski Global for the Southeast Asian (SEA) qualifiers stage of the World University Cyber League 2020.

Tencent Sports has tapped Mineski Global  for the Southeast Asian (SEA) qualifiers stage of the World University Cyber League (WUCL) 2020. WUCL 2020 is one of the biggest esports tournaments for schools and students. It features the games Clash Royale, League of Legends, and PUBG Mobile.

Schools from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam have the opportunity to send their teams to vie for honor and glory. The games began on June 28 and will run until July 9. Meanwhile, the finals will be from July 10-15.

“We’re excited to be spearheading this opportunity to provide aspiring student esports athletes a competition on an international stage. For many students, this will be a dream come true and, we hope, a life milestone for talented gamers,” Youth Esports Program (YEP) Director Marlon “Lon” Marcelo said in a press statement.

Investing in esports

Mineski Global’s Philippine division is spearheading the SEA qualifiers in a tie-up with its YEP grassroots development program.

Mineski Global launched YEP in February 2020. It is an initiative in the Philippines to develop future esports talent in the country through student initiatives.

“It’s all about responsible gaming and youth development,” said Mineski Global Founder and CEO Ronald Robins during the launch of YEP and the National Interschool Cyber League.

Robins said they will work closely with parents and teachers to dispel the myth that gaming is detrimental to education. Instead, the program will show how esports, just like any other sport, will instill discipline and teach important life skills.

Meanwhile, WUCL 2020 organizers Tencent Sports expressed excitement in partnering with Mineski Global for the tournament.

Tencent Sports aims to make this SEA leg the biggest student-based esports tournament in Southeast Asia. The SEA leg of the WUCL is giving away a total prize of US$5,000 split across the three titles.

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