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Graveyard Wars: ABLAZE teams up with AJ Lieberman

Welcome to the world of Graveyard Wars. Image credit: ABLAZE
Image credit: ABLAZE

Imagine that people among us, all of whom have had a near-death experience, now have an ability called a Soul-Skill. This allows them to access the skill sets of the dead. Fighter. Surgeon. Sniper. Anything. Welcome to the world of Graveyard Wars.

ABLAZE  has announced that it will publish Graveyard Wars as a series of original graphic novels, with the first graphic novel set for publication this September. Graveyard Wars is written and created by AJ Lieberman, illustrated and colored by Andrew Sebastian Kwan, and lettered (with color design) by Darren Rawlings.

Welcome to the world of Graveyard Wars. Image credit: ABLAZE
Image credit: ABLAZE

Graveyard Wars is my first new book in a few years and my only goal was to be sure from a story and art standpoint it surpassed the others. And I think we did it. It’s a fun, action story that doesn’t fully reveal itself until the very last page. My only other hope? That it would attract the attention of a director/producer like Chad Stahelski so I can hear all the batshit stuff that goes on during the [John] Wick movies,” Leiberman said in a press statement.

Screen adaptation

Image credit: ABLAZE

“John Wick” director Chad Stahelski and his company 87Eleven Entertainment, which is behind the John Wick franchise, are already attached as executive producers to the screen adaptation.

Stahelski is a stuntman and film director best known for directing the 2014 film “John Wick” along with David Leitch. He also solo directed its two sequels, and will also be involved with the fourth movie in the franchise.

Image credit: ABLAZE

“The mythology, the world building, and the characters make Graveyard Wars the perfect project to bring to life. The audience needs to experience the potential of this project! And bringing it to the screen would be one of the greatest opportunities of my career,” Stahelski said.

Caretakers and Dark Hearts

Image credit: ABLAZE

The Soul-Skill connects these special people in this realm to the soul, and its skill, in the next. Pilot. Hacker. Assassin. Anything.

While not everyone who touches death is able to retain this ability, those who do have formed two warring guilds: Caretakers and Dark Hearts.

The Caretaker’s mission? To use the power of the dead to protect the living.

Image credit: ABLAZE

Graveyard Wars is unique not only in its premise, but also its execution. The art and color design on this book really stand out. AJ and his creative team have come up with something really cool here that I think people are going to dig,” said ABLAZE VP Creative/Business Development Rich Young.

Graveyard Wars Vol 1 is an original 232-page graphic novel that will be solicited in the July 2020 issue of Diamond Previews for September 2020 shipping items. It will also be available in the book market channel via Diamond Book Distributors, and digitally via comiXology. It is rated Teen+ and ABLAZE will be offering hardcover and softcover editions of the books simultaneously.

ABLAZE is the same US publishing company that is bringing TRESE to readers worldwide.

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