League of Legends PCS Summer Split Week 5 results

League of Legends PCS Summer Split Week 5 results

Taipei’s J Team (JT) is the first team to clinch 10 wins in the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series (PCS) 2020 Summer Split.

JT solidified their position at the top while being pursued by old rivals ahq eSports club (AHQ), who handed JT their second loss of the split on Day 2. Machi Esports (MCX) avenged their defeat in the Mid-Season Showdown and at the start of the split, beating PSG Talon (PSG) to level with AHQ on 9W3L.

Match of the Week: JT vs AHQ

Two of the oldest rivals in the region reverted to their best form, providing the best viewing on Week 5 of the League of Legends PCS 2020 Summer Split.

JT was dominant through the laning phase and had a lead over AHQ at the 32-minute mark with 7,000 gold and seven kills.

JT looked to snowball on their lead with a Baron take when AHQ Kongyue’s Volibear, who was four levels behind enemy jungler Hana, jumped in with the Stormbringer to steal the Baron to keep his team alive. That was the turning point for AHQ as they fought back hard to win the game.

AHQ Ziv was the Player of the Week.

Week 5 results

PSG’s Day 1 went horribly wrong after Liyab Esports (LYB) piled on their misery by sending the defending champions home 0-2 for what was arguably the upset of the century.

LYB’s joy was cut short on Day 2 by Southeast Asian rivals, Nova Esports (NOV). G4’s sensational backdoor left LYB stunned. This was a crucial win for NOV as they opened up a two-win lead over LYB in the race for playoffs.

Resurgence (RSG) continued to struggle even against Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) who suffered a six-match losing streak before their match at the end of Week 5. HKA was eventually able to shake the losses and go level in the ranking with Alpha Esports (ALF), Berjaya Dragons (BJD), and NOV.

ALF introduced ex-OMG jungle, World6, on Week 5 but only managed to muster one win out of their three attempts including a loss against BJD. The Dragons seemed to have rediscovered the way to beat lower-ranked teams, as they did back in Spring to go 2-0 in Week 5.