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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Ep 13 review

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Season 1 Episode 13: “Midnight Train”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire
Season 1 Episode 13: “Midnight Train”
By Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Sam Beckbessinger, Zoe Quinn, and Elsa Sjunneson
Narrated by Fryda Wolff

Thirteen is a lucky number for the Serial Box exclusive Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire, as we’re treated to yet another great episode.

Spoilers ahead.

With a little help from her friends

Vita Ayala, who incidentally is writing the ongoing James Bond series, takes over again in the latest installment of Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire.

An episode that proves Diane a.k.a. Selene was wrong when she said no one would be looking for Jessica Jones.

Selene was wrong. Jessica does have friends. And they were looking for her and trying to reach her on her phone, email, and even LinkedIn. Shocking, I know — can you believe Jessica has a LinkedIn profile?

“As she eats some more she stares down at the phone. Reading through just a few of the messages, Jessica feels tight in the chest. Selene told her no one was coming for her. Classic abuser behavior, to make you feel like you’re worthless to the world. It wasn’t true — the proof is in her hand — but Jessica still has trouble believing her friends care this much. They do. They do. She turns away from Sam so they can’t see her face.”

If last episode was a superhero team-up between Jessica and Sam, this one is like a Defenders reunion. Minus my least favorite Defender heh!

From the very first episode, Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire has done a great job of connecting this serial novel to the larger Marvel Universe. It gave me a thrill to see Jessica and her fellow superheroes together in this episode.

Play it again, Sam

Even more awesome is that we find out Luke Cage went looking for Jessica — and ended up getting into a fight with Sebastian Shaw.

Another great thing about this episode is that Sam insists that they will go with Jessica and see this through.

Sam and Jessica proved to be a great team last episode. And even with Luke now accompanying Jessica, the young flare is determined to help find their friends and bring the villains to justice.

“Jessica shrugs, regretful. ‘Look, I don’t expect anything more dangerous than a paper cut on this trip, but there’s a chance things could go pear-shaped and I’ve already put you in enough danger. Really.'”

Three for the road

“‘Okay, first off, you haven’t put me in danger — that bag of bananas who took my friends did. You saved me. And second, those are my friends — my family — and they’re in danger. I can’t just sit back and hope it works out! And, double also, I saved you, too. We would still be trapped in that basement without me.’ Sam’s words run all together.

“‘Okay, all right! Jeez, relax, kid,’ Jessica says, hands up to stop the onslaught of words. ‘But I’m driving.”

So next week will be a road trip for Jessica, Luke, and Sam, while Matt Murdock continues to investigate from his end. And Foggy Nelson? Well, Jessica just borrowed his car, so let’s just say Foggy’s feeling the most stress among them now.

(Editor’s note: This review is based on an advanced reader copy provided by Serial Box. Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Season 1 Episode 13 will come out on Aug. 6. Exclusively available on Serial Box.)

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