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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Ep 15 review

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire
Season 1 Episode 15: “Tunnel Vision”
By Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Sam Beckbessinger, Zoe Quinn, and Elsa Sjunneson
Narrated by Fryda Wolff

Can you believe this is already the penultimate episode of the Serial Box exclusive Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire?

Spoilers ahead.

One down, one more to go

Elsa Sjunneson takes over the writing duties again, and we barely have time to celebrate that Jessica Jones’ brilliant plan last episode actually worked.

Now Jessica must hurry to save the young flares. Sam insists that they will go with Jessica.

Shaw finally getting his butt handed to him was one of the most joyful moments for me since I started reading Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire.

I practically chortled at the description of the humiliating situation Shaw found himself in thanks to Jessica’s crazy idea.

Jessica the vampire slayer

Luke Cage collapses, the effects of the beating he received from Shaw finally taking their toll.

Jessica won’t let him go with her for the final confrontation with Selene. She also tries to convince Sam to stay and watch over Luke. The young flare refuses. It’s their family that the woman formerly known as their trusted mentor Diane is holding captive. They won’t abandon their family.

Thankfully, Foggy Nelson arrives in a cab to take care of Luke.

It’s fitting that while her fellow superheroes have made an appearance in this novel and helped Jessica, the final showdown with the supervillain is hers alone. Well, her and Sam, but still, this is Jessica’s show.

We get another horrifying glimpse into the demons haunting Jessica when she has to overcome her trauma after being forced to take the tunnel.

“Once Jessica gets her brain under control, fingers tapping on the steering wheel, she has to deal with the present. The past can’t catch her, but the current threat posed by Selene is very real. When they emerge, she lets out a long exhale.

”’What the hell was that back there?’ Sam says, voice tense. ‘You okay?’

“Jessica shakes her head, and Sam takes the cue and doesn’t say anything for a long time apart from a direction here and there. They head up through New Jersey, passing by abandoned strip malls that look more suited to zombie movies than real life.“

I can’t wait to find out how this will all end, but I also don’t want Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire to end.

(Editor’s note: This review is based on an advanced reader copy provided by Serial Box. Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Season 1 Episode 15 will come out on Aug. 20. Exclusively available on Serial Box.)

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