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MyKuya: Bayanihan spirit lives amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Knowing that a lot of people would be panic buying when the modified enhanced community quarantine was announced on Aug. 4, a customer named Cathy decided to book a MyKuya partner to line up and do the grocery shopping for her instead.

MyKuya partner Jomar, a former security guard at an establishment in Muntinlupa City, accepted the customer’s request without giving it a second thought and diligently followed her instructions.

Acts of kindness

Upon arriving at Cathy’s home, Jomar was shocked to find that some of the grocery items — such as five kilos of rice, one kilo of hotdogs, and a dozen eggs — were actually for him. Cathy surprised him by adding those items to her grocery list so that he could take something home to his family. She also gave Jomar two spray bottles of rubbing alcohol and a generous gift of Php500.

Jomar couldn’t control his happiness over the things that he had received. He accepted the request just to help a customer out and came home with a bounty of gifts.

“Sobra-sobra yung binigay ni Ma’am Cathy talaga. Sana pagpalain siya sa kabutihan niya. Wala akong masabi. Grabe ang pasasalamat ko talaga​,” he said.

Willingness to help

Another partner story is about Kuya Christopher and Kuya Renante. Christopher had accomplished two bookings and decided to call it a day at 6 PM. He had already taken a bath and started bonding with his family when he received a grocery delivery request from a client living in Corinthian Gardens. The customer wanted him to get groceries worth Php5,000 from Rustan’s Eastwood.

With the drive to always accept any booking that comes his way, Christopher hurriedly got dressed and went out to accomplish the request as he had an hour before the store closed as well. However, he met a problem with the task: the client requested him to buy glass bottles.

Christopher sought the help of other MyKuya partners in delivering the client’s request as the glass bottles were fragile and he needed another secure way of transporting them since he was only using a bike. Renante, who had just accomplished a request 11 kilometers away from Christopher’s location, volunteered to help.

After safely delivering the glass bottles, the customer gave them a Php200 tip, which Christopher urged Renante to take, but the latter refused to do so.

“I am truly thankful to Kuya Nante and the camaraderie we all have as MyKuya partners, ready to help out not just clients but one another,” Christopher said.

Rain or shine

Much like Christopher and Renante, MyKuya partner Mharlyn — a former table manager at a gaming company — is always eager to step up and accept any service request that she receives.

Mharlyn recounted the first time she received a booking. She was on her way to purchase something for her customer when heavy rain started pouring. She didn’t have an umbrella or any other protective gear with her at the time, which added to her worries that she wouldn’t be able to reach the store before it closed.

In an effort to accomplish her first task and not disappoint her customer, Mharlyn proceeded to pick up and deliver the needed items, damp clothes and all. Because of her courage, Mharlyn not only made her client happy but received a generous tip as well.

It is in stories like these where MyKuya partners embody one of the Filipino traits the on-demand services provider MyKuya firmly believes in: bayanihan.

It is because of this that MyKuya’s acceptance rate shot up during the pandemic. Knowing that everyone is equally having a difficult time and they have the means to do something meaningful, MyKuya partners are always on the move to accept and accomplish service requests, regardless of time or weather.

“MyKuya will continue embodying this trait by helping our Kuyas and Ates in the best way possible,” said MyKuya founder Shahab Shabibi in a press statement.

“With the pandemic still economically affecting the entire country, MyKuya will consistently support our customers, and most importantly help more hardworking Jomars, Christophers, Renantes, and Mharlyns who perfectly embody the Filipino traits of ​bayanihan and resiliency every day.”

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