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Aeriel Garcia: The vlogger as IdeaPad ambassador

This year, Lenovo Philippines introduced Aeriel Garcia as one of its IdeaPad ambassadors.
This year, Lenovo Philippines introduced Aeriel Garcia as one of its IdeaPad ambassadors.

In a world where working from home has become the new normal, time management is more important than ever. Which is why vlogger and streamer Aeriel Garcia is happy her Lenovo IdeaPad makes work-life integration easier.

“I wake up early, clean, drink coffee, and then start working, doing my best to meet all my deadlines. I didn’t really have a hard time adjusting since I’m used to just staying at home. My IdeaPad enables me to work anytime, anywhere,” Garcia told Digital Life Asia.

Aeriel Garcia and the digital lifestyle

Lenovo Philippines introduced Garcia as one of its IdeaPad ambassadors in June.

“One of the Lenovo projects that I’ve been involved with was the Lenovo TechTips show livestreamed on Facebook. It’s a great show not only for Lenovo’s followers, but also for the general public since we get to know more about the latest trends, devices, and solutions from Lenovo, especially the laptops,” she said.

Lenovo also provided her with an IdeaPad Flex 5 and an IdeaPad Slim 5i.

“I was amazed with the Flex 5 because it’s the first time I saw a laptop that can be folded 360 degrees. It can be converted into a tablet and comes with a digital pen as well. It’s impressive also because it can be charged using my power bank. My Flex 5 is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 4000 series, an ultrafast 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz memory, and a 512GB NVME SSD that help me a lot when multitasking,” she said.

The art of multitasking

So how does Garcia manage to juggle all her different tasks while also vlogging and streaming?

“Time management. Every night, before my day ends, I always make sure I list down all my tasks for the following day. The IdeaPad has a lot of good specs that I can fully capitalize on and thus I can multitask. It also weighs like a feather so I can bring it anywhere I go,” she said.

According to her, the best digital tools for her right now are her camera, IdeaPad, and phone. She also uses Whatsapp and the Gmail platform for work.

What does Garcia do during her free time?

“I’ve been binge-watching ‘Friends’ on Netflix on my laptop since the start of the quarantine. What I like the most about the IdeaPad is the audio. Whenever I watch my favorite movies on Netflix, I always feel like I’m sitting inside a cinema theater,” she said.

Asked what message she would like to share with her online community, Garcia replied: “Keep safe because the virus is still out there. Reach out to your family and friends online. Lastly, don’t forget to pray and love Jesus.”

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