‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ MV released by P-pop idols SB19

SB19 fans -- known as A'TIN -- have another reason to celebrate, as the Pinoy pop boy group has launched the "Hanggang Sa Huli" music video.

SB19 fans — known as A’TIN — have another reason to celebrate. The first Pinoy pop (P-pop) boy group trained under the Korean Idol System to debut in the Philippines has launched the “Hanggang Sa Huli” music video (MV).

SB19 — composed of Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin — has been doing a daily countdown to the launch of the “Hanggang Sa Huli” MV, and posted the MV teaser yesterday. They also did a Facebook Live countdown to the MV release. “Hanggang Sa Huli” is the title track of their first album, “Get In The Zone”, which Sony Music Philippines launched on July 31.

Promoting P-pop

The “Hanggang Sa Huli” MV is another feather in the cap of SB19, whose remarkable journey has captured the imagination of thousands of Filipinos.

ShowBT, a South Korean entertainment company that branched out into the Philippines, trained SB19 for three years before they debuted on Oct. 26, 2018. Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin went through the same rigorous process that every trainee in South Korea undergoes to become a K-pop idol.

Why are they called SB19? SB stands for ShowBT, though the group also came up with “Sound Break” as an alternative meaning. Meanwhile, 19 was derived from the country codes of the Philippines (63) and South Korea (82), Sejun said in an interview with KStreetManila.

Tapos yung 19 naman, it’s because SB19 is a collaboration between the Philippines and Korea. 19 because it’s the country code of Korea and the Philippines: 82 and 63. So if you add 8, 2, 6, and 3, it’s 19. And if you subtract 82 and 63, it’s also 19. So the bond is strong talaga.

On Oct. 11, SB19 will also perform at YouTube FanFest 2020. Now on its sixth year, YouTube FanFest is an annual community event that brings YouTube’s biggest stars to live stages all over the world so that they can meet with their fans.

Have you watched the “Hanggang Sa Huli” MV? What do you think of SB19’s latest MV?