Kalaro esports platform aims to unite Filipino gamers

With the launch of its Kalaro esports platform, Inc. aims to unite Filipino gamers and bring esports to the grassroots.

With the recent launch of its Filipino-made Kalaro esports platform, Inc. is bullish that the company will unite Filipino gamers and bring esports to the grassroots.

“The bigger advocacy for us is to use Kalaro as the central hub for them to be able to participate, showcase themselves, showcase their talents. The competition is not here in the Philippines. Where we want to compete is in the international arena. We hone our skills inside Kalaro, as a team, as a league. Then you go out, you compete in Europe, in the US, maybe in Japan and China. You come back again and hone your skills again. In fact, I imagine Kalaro to be like a virtual city. A virtual place, like a bootcamp or training camp for players,” said Kalaro Software Architect Jun D. Lasco at the press briefing in response to a question from Digital Life Asia.

Addressing fragmentation

Lasco is also the founder of Inc. and Pnex Intl Corporation. In a previous interview, Lasco told Digital Life Asia that the company aims to address the fragmented state of the esports industry. This fragmentation is a challenge not only in the Philippines, but also in Southeast Asia and other regions.

The Kalaro esports platform has tournament management and corporate brand sponsorship features. This will allow it to cater to more than 43 million esports enthusiasts and companies in the Philippines.

It will also serve as a virtual community for esports players, coaches, teams, influencers, team owners, leagues, and fans.

Esports to the grassroots

For his part, Marvin Alberto, president of Pnex Int’l Corporation, emphasized the need to bring esports to the grassroots level.

“The main offering that the platform has for the entire community is enabling them to organize their tournaments. Not all gamers right now have the ability to organize their own tournaments in their locale. It’s only a few, I believe, that are doing it on a large scale. But on the grassroots level, on the community level — very few people are actually doing that. Because it’s quite difficult,” Alberto said.

He pointed out the challenges in organizing a tournament from end to end, starting from registration all the way to the distribution of prizes.

“In Kalaro, what we did is we covered all of these things. And, at the same time, integrated the community into its social platform feature. Hopefully, we will be able to enable anyone who wants to organize a tournament through the Kalaro platform,” he said.

Best gaming experience

Moreover, Kalaro has created a facility for corporate brands to set up online storefronts. The platform has a dedicated panel that allows companies to advertise, sponsor, and sell gaming rigs directly to the usually elusive gamers market.

The Kalaro esports platform was developed using Google’s Progressive Web App framework running on Amazon Web Services. It was created in collaboration with international corporate technology brands, namely National Computer Systems of Singapore and ERNI of Switzerland. Kalaro has also partnered with Philippine companies Union Bank of the Philippines, Dragonpay, GCash, and Globe Labs to make transactions seamless, safe, and secure.

“We want to provide our Filipino players with the best gaming experience. In the same way, we want corporate brands to further reach their market through the platform. We look forward to having a strong community of brands and esports enthusiasts that can create new opportunities,” said Renalyn B. David, Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary of Inc. and Pnex Int’l Corporation.

The company has also announced exciting benefits such as merchandise items, battle passes, and up to 200 Kalaro Gems for beta users and those who will qualify as Kalaro founding members. It will also launch the Kalaro Founders Cup tournament this October.