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SAS, Access Anywhere launch app for safe return to work

The Garcha Group CEO and General Counsel Harpreet Bedi says the solution from SAS and Access Anywhere helps them ensure the safety of their hotel staff and guests.
The Garcha Group CEO and General Counsel Harpreet Bedi says the solution from SAS and Access Anywhere helps them ensure the safety of their hotel staff and guests.

SAS and Access Anywhere have launched an outbreak management solution called Liberty Corporate to help organizations manage their employees’ safe return to work.

Liberty Corporate taps advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable companies to manage and track the risk of employee exposure to COVID-19. This solution from SAS and Access Anywhere provides a macro view of employees’ risk status in real time in the form of a cloud-based dashboard. The Liberty Corporate solution and mobile app will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

AI-powered app

The system includes an easy-to-use mobile app for corporate staff, which can be used to record location data, temperature self-check results, and COVID-19 test results that will be sent to a central administration. All data captured is anonymized and privacy is a priority.

SAS’ analytics and machine learning technologies provide real-time scoring and risk assessment of employees in the form of a risk status dial on the mobile app, showing the likelihood of the employee having been infected over the last 21 days. The app also provides a Hotspot Map showing known high-risk locations.

“Advanced analytics can play a critical role in providing real-time intelligence and gathering of data during a pandemic. With AI and machine learning, we are able to provide anonymized risk assessment of each individual through their location and movement, providing a solution that minimizes the risk of an outbreak amongst employees and their wider community that they interact with,” said SAS Vice President of ASEAN Remco den Heijer in a press statement.

Preventing a second wave

“We are proud to have brought this outbreak management solution to the market with the support of SAS. It can enable businesses to safely return to work in the ‘new norm.’ The system could play a vital role in preventing a pandemic ‘second wave’ and help ensure people with a low risk of infection are able to remain effective in the workforce as much as possible during these incredibly difficult times,” said Access Anywhere Managing Director Mohit Sagar.

Liberty Corporate has been recently trialled and installed successfully at The Vagabond Club, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, in Singapore. The outbreak management system has been put in place to manage and monitor the risk of exposure of guests and employees at every stage of the guest journey within the hotel.

Should the Liberty Risk Assessment Engine discover any signs of pandemic exposure amongst the workforce, administration staff will receive automatic alerts warning of the risk and guide them through the steps to arrange medical tests, quarantine, and return to work. Being a cloud-based system, administrators can be based anywhere and monitor a dynamic and mobile workforce with ease.

“Keeping our hotel operating during the pandemic has meant we have had to put in place measures to ensure the safety of our staff and of our guests who stay with us,” said The Garcha Group CEO and General Counsel Harpreet Bedi.

“Liberty Corporate has given us the added confidence and assurance, through its health logs, location software, data insights, and risk notifications, that we are doing our utmost to prevent transmission in our hotel,” she said.

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