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Booyah Day: Ready to celebrate with Free Fire, KSHMR?

While getting ready for Booyah Day, Free Fire players can check out the music video for the collaboration song with KSHMR, "One More Round".

While getting ready for Booyah Day on Oct. 25, Free Fire players can check out the music video for the collaboration song with KSHMR, “One More Round (Free Fire Booyah Day Theme Song)”.

Spinnin’ Records pioneering DJ and music producer KSHMR, whose real name is ​Niles Hollowell-Dhar, is Free Fire’s new brand ambassador.​ The music video features three strangers living their everyday lives and feeling discontented. KSHMR then appears on their phone screens and invites them to join his latest mission.

Booyah Day theme song

As the mission begins we see two worlds collide. The Free Fire world starts impacting the real world and transforming our three strangers into recognizable characters — Kelly, Hayato, and Moco.

How will our three characters fare? Will they survive the mission and potentially take on One More Round?

“One More Round (Free Fire Booyah Day Theme Song)” is presented by both Jeremy Oceans and KSHMR himself. It plays heavily on KSHMR’s signature vocal-driven production style. The song also delivers the same energy users get from playing Free Fire.

‘One More Round’ Dance Challenge

For this collaboration, Free Fire developer Garena also worked with Kinjaz. The well-respected dance crew from Los Angeles choreographed a dance routine specifically for “One More Round (Free Fire Booyah Day Theme Song)”.

The dance routine was not only inspired by the song and Free Fire. It also features elements from the game, including characters, pet skins, and cosmetic collections.

Garena has also presented a dance challenge to the Free Fire community across the world. Show your best impression of the signature moves in the dance routine by Kinjaz and stand a chance to win exclusive rewards.

You may follow the hashtags #onemoreroundchallenge and #booyahday on various social media platforms, including Facebook, to see what the Free Fire community will come up with.

KSHMR x Alok live stream

Free Fire is also bringing together two of the world’s most popular DJs, who are also fans of the game.

On Oct. 23, KSHMR and Alok will have a live stream on the official Free Fire Facebook page. They will share their thoughts on Free Fire and team up in the game.

Both KSHMR and Alok have been close partners of Free Fire. This is the first time, however, that they are coming together to deliver something special for the Free Fire community.

And how about Booyah Day itself on Oct. 25? Players can log in to Free Fire to receive exclusive partnership items. These include the UMP upgrade token, UMP-Booyah Day gun skin, and an AK Dragon upgrade token.

Who’s ready for One More Round?

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