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Stop digital piracy, support Filipino movies, says Globe

The 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival is going digital with the help of Philippine telco Globe Telecom, which has called on Filipinos to help stop digital piracy.
Help keep the Philippine film industry alive, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu asks Filipinos.

The 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is going digital with the help of Philippine telco Globe Telecom, which has called on Filipinos to help stop digital piracy.

“For years, Globe has committed itself to highlighting local creative content such as films, music, and shows so we understand and appreciate the passion and hard work that comes with putting together a movie. This is why we are glad to be a partner of the Metro Manila Development Authority in bringing the MMFF to Filipino homes,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu in a press statement.

Anti-piracy advocacy

“As part of our #PlayItRight advocacy and our desire to make Filipinos love their own, we are here to support our filmmakers, actors, and crew. We enjoin everyone to do the same by watching the MMFF movies legally from their device whenever or wherever they want to,” Cu said.

For the first time, the MMFF entries can be viewed through Upstream, the newest transactional video on demand platform. Upstream is poised to deliver a better viewing experience for customers while protecting the content creators’ digital rights. Tickets for the MMFF entries may be purchased on Upstream’s partner GMovies, the country’s largest aggregator for online cinema ticketing platforms.

The availability of MMFF movies on digital platforms makes them easy targets for piracy. In view of this, Globe, which is the exclusive presenter of this year’s MMFF, has appealed to everyone to stop digital piracy and watch only from legal sources. Globe emphasized that piracy undervalues and takes away the creative efforts that each member of a production team puts into making a movie or staging a show. The MMFF and Globe have been working together since 2017 to stop the illegal downloading and streaming of local movies.

Homegrown content

As a content creator and leader in the digital lifestyle, Globe wants everyone to experience a genuine love for the country and local talents, underscoring the importance of keeping the Philippine film industry alive.

The pandemic has strongly impacted the arts sector this year as film production stopped and cinemas closed down. The easing of government restrictions is slowly reviving the industry and producers are now looking at digital platforms to bring streaming content to the people and showcase Filipino talent abroad.

Globe produces and brings original content to Filipinos through local and international streaming sites. The company has also held its own independent film festival for local filmmakers who want to hone their craft.

The need to stop digital piracy is crucial as the Philippines has one of the highest levels of online piracy. Forty-nine percent of Filipinos admit to accessing streaming piracy websites or torrent sites, and 10 percent use illicit streaming devices to access pirated content. This is according to a September 2020 YouGov consumer survey commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy.

Globe’s #PlayItRight campaign is aligned with the company’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 8, which promotes decent work and economic growth by requiring societies to create conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.


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