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Julie Anne San Jose covers ‘Over the Moon’ lead single

Filipina singer Julie Anne San Jose has done a cover of “Rocket to the Moon,” the lead single of the Netflix Film "Over The Moon". Image credit: Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Filipina singer Julie Anne San Jose has done a cover of “Rocket to the Moon,” the lead single of the Netflix FilmOver the Moon“. The performance video is now on Netflix Philippines’ Facebook and YouTube channels.

“When I first heard about [the song cover], I got really excited since I have always been a fan of Netflix films. I’m happy and honored that they have chosen me to do a cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon.’ I hope I was able to give justice to the song and hope that fans like it,” the pop diva said in a press statement.

Why Julie Anne San Jose is over the moon

The magical music video features Julie singing her cover as she’s surrounded by animation straight from “Over The Moon” and its colorful characters.

“The [shoot] is different from the previous music videos that I have done since this time, there is an animation component,” she said.

“While filming, we used Chroma and I had to imagine that I was part of the movie and interacting with some of the characters of the film, which for me, was the most exciting part. The fun part was that everyone was humming the song, even the most macho crew on the set.”

Moon Goddess

Chinese Filipina actress Cathy Ang sang the original version of “Rocket to the Moon”. She also voices the lead character, Fei Fei, a young girl who builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of the legendary Moon Goddess Chang’e.

“I admire how the song portrayed the character build-up of Fei Fei. The first part of the lyrics was full of self-doubt, then as the song goes on, you can now feel the determination and confidence of her character,” Julie said.

“Usually, my [music] style is R&B or ballad, sometimes I do rap covers. And doing a song cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon’ brought me back to the days where I was just a kid who had big dreams.”

“I like the movie since it uses different components such as folklore and fantasy to explore and deliver values and lessons about grief, life, and love. The usual notion is that if it’s an animated film, it’s for kids, but ‘Over The Moon’ is also for the kids at heart.

“And as a Filipino, I know this movie is very relatable to us since Filipinos are known to be optimistic, that regardless of the situation we are in, we always find our silver lining,” Julie said.

“Over the Moon” is now streaming only on Netflix.

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