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Hello Kitty and Mimmy celebrate 46th birthday

Sanrio Co., Ltd. has posted a commemorative video today to celebrate the 46th birthday of Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy.

Sanrio Co., Ltd. has posted a commemorative video today to celebrate the 46th birthday of Hello Kitty, whose full name is Kitty White, and her twin sister Mimmy.

The video posted on the Hello Kitty Channel on YouTube also announced a birthday campaign that will give away Hello Kitty Channel original T-shirts to 111 people. Kitty also returned comments to the “birthday gifts you want to give to Kitty” ideas from her fans.

Wan Wan Wan

Kitty begins the video by saying:

“Yes, today is November 1st, which in Japanese is pronounced with the same sound as a dog barking “wan wan wan (one one one)”. So this day is Dog Day, which was established by the Pet Food Association in 1987. Well, I love dogs in spite of my appearance. So today I think I’m gonna babble on about the charms of dogs.”

Her twin sister Mimmy says, “No!”

Kitty then rewinds the video to say that Nov. 1 is “Kitty and Mimmy’s birthday”.

She then reacted to the comments solicited in advance from her fans on the community channel. Their birthday gift ideas range from sweet to humorous , and Kitty reacts gratefully to each one.

She then announces the birthday campaign, where 111 people will get Hello Kitty Channel original T-shirts.

Special items

Sanrio also announced collaboration goods with Maison de FLEUR commemorating the birthdays of Kitty and Mimmy.

These include items featuring Kitty and Mimmy, Kitty’s boyfriend Daniel, and their friend Tiny Chum.

Also on sale at Sanrio shops is the “Hello Kitty Birthday Design Series” of fashion accessories. These include Kitty and Mimmy mascot holders in matching dresses, pouches and face-shaped pochettes, as well as bags and towels.

The Hello Kitty Channel was launched on YouTube in August 2018 and currently has 265,000 subscribers.

One of the popular features of the channel is the “Comment Return”. Kitty answers messages, questions, and consultations sent by viewers in the comments section.

In addition, the channel posts videos supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The #HelloGlobalGoals video series showcases the SDG campaigns. It features interviews with experts from UN agencies, and visits to refugee camps and other locations.

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