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Bank-Genie awarded for granting banks’ digital wishes

Thanks to Singapore-based banking CX innovator Bank-Genie, the digital transformation wishes of many banks are becoming a reality.

Thanks to Singapore-based banking customer experience (CX) innovator Bank-Genie, the digital transformation wishes of many banks are becoming a reality. In recognition of this, the company was given multiple awards highlighting its achievements in driving excellence and innovation in banking technology.

“Bank-Genie continues to build both an experience-focused approach and an inclusion-driven purpose to develop better, accurate, and thoughtful technology for banks to better connect with their customers meaningfully and improve both efficiencies and effectiveness,” said Bank-Genie CTO and Co-Founder Ragunandhan Senthil Kumar in a press statement.

Digital journey of banks

Bank-Genie took home the Silver Award under the CX Vendor Excellence category in the 2020 CX Asia Excellence Awards through an online event emanating from Singapore in September, apart from receiving honorary mentions for Best Use of CX Technology and Best Digital Experience.

The CX Asia Excellence Awards is on its sixth year recognizing the highest level of achievement in customer experience across Asia, as part of region-wide Customer Experience Asia Week 2020 event.

UnionBank also awarded Bank-Genie the distinction of offering the Best Digital Upgrade for its major contribution to the bank’s triumph as the Best Digital Bank in the Philippines at the Asset Triple A Awards 2020.

This comes amid challenging times affecting the financial industry worldwide as it grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, digital transformation is key to impacting and growing in the financial industry, and partnerships with technology providers is crucial in implementing such migration.

“Bank-Genie recognizes the value of partnerships, their trust and support, in transforming the digital journeys of banks,” Kumar said.

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