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Revolution Precrafted: ‘New way of life’ via prefab homes

Philippine proptech startup Revolution Precrafted is offering prefab homes to help us adopt a "new way of life" in the postpandemic world. Image credit: Revolution Precrafted
Image credit: Revolution Precrafted

Our home is now the pod that lets us telecommute to work, the virtual background from which we Zoom, and of course our refuge from the outside world. Now Philippine global proptech startup Revolution Precrafted is offering prefab homes to help us adopt a “new way of life” in the post-pandemic world.

“People want to seize this moment, amidst the pandemic, to make very real and visible changes. Many see it as a chance to transform our environment, our lifestyles, and our very homes. Practical yet inspired. Those values must define us today,” said Revolution Precrafted Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio in a press statement.

You say you want a revolution

Revolution Precrafted is a fast-growing player in the real estate industry. It provides contemporary prefabricated homes designed by revolutionary designers like Lev Libeskind, Fernando Romero, Zaha Hadid, and even the Philippines’ very own Kenneth Cobonpue.

The company aims to democratize access to world-class architecture and make it available to a wider market segment. In fact, a Revolution Precrafted home can be completely delivered in as fast as 60 days.

According to Antonio, the demand for prefab homes has actually risen in the midst of the pandemic.

“What we have seen is that people need a secure sanctuary to live and work from home without sacrificing their style. They are also looking for ways to live inspired amidst the reality, by turning to art. So that’s what we do — we make art that is literally your own abode,” Antonio said.

In fact, despite the pandemic, Revolution Precrafted has already 4,600 homes sold from their five residential projects in the Philippines alone, like the Batulao Artscapes. The company will also start 2021 on a good note as 300 homes are set to be delivered by the first quarter of the year.

The company also plans to conquer North America. They are set to start on their real estate projects in key cities and destinations like New York, Arizona and Los Angeles, Antonio said.

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