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BTS sets new TikTok record with #LifeGoesOn challenge

BTS sets a new record with its TikTok challenge. Image credit: TikTok
Image credit: TikTok

Nine hundred thirty million hashtag views in just 15 days. That’s the new record that popular K-pop boy band BTS set with the #LifeGoesOn TikTok challenge.

Held from Nov. 21 to Dec. 5, the #LifeGoesOn challenge was a call for users all over the world to interpret and positively express how “Life Goes On” in their own creative ways. “Life Goes On” is the lead single of BTS’ fifth Korean-language studio album “Be”. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming their third number one single in the US.

BTS TikTok videos

BTS also participated in the challenge and connected with their fans by releasing TikTok videos of their own.

In their TikTok videos, Jin goes through a flipbook, RM and V do maple leaf art, Jimin decorates a glass bottle, j-hope takes Polaroid pictures, and JungKook practices calligraphy.

In response, the group’s fans, ARMY, uploaded videos of themselves dancing and singing along to the new song, as well as moments in their daily lives with friends and family.

A special “Life Goes On (ARMY version)” music video will be released on the official BTS TikTok and social media channels on Dec. 30, capturing selected video submissions that were part of the #LifeGoesOn challenge.