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Globe and BLACKPINK will help you reinvent your world

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Yesterday, Dec. 27, was supposed to be the date of the first BLACKPINK online concert, before it was postponed to Jan. 31. Philippine telco Globe Telecom, however, still made legions of BLINKS happy with the world premiere last night of the first Globe and BLACKPINK TVC as part of its new reinvention campaign.

“We believe that Filipinos have the power to reinvent themselves in this new digital world. With Globe as their life partner, we will open up a world of greater possibilities, we’ve never done before. BLACKPINK embodies the meaning of taking control and reinventing to achieve one’s dreams. We want to inspire our customers to be in control so they can do more and be more, especially with all the new technologies we have today,” said Globe Deputy Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira in a press statement.


Philippine telco Globe Telecom made legions of BLINKS happy with the world premiere last night of the first Globe and BLACKPINK TVC. Image credit: Globe Telecom
Image credit: Globe Telecom

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m a diehard BLINK. BLACKPINK and their music have helped me get through tough times, especially in the months after my father passed away in May. This happened while I was still getting over my shock at my favorite Japanese pro wrestler and “Terrace House” housemate Hana Kimura committing suicide because of cyberbullying.

So as you might expect, I’m fully supporting Globe because on Dec. 1, the telco made the huge announcement that the members of BLACKPINK were its new brand ambassadors.

And you know what’s great about the Globe and BLACKPINK partnership? Globe has shown that it truly values BLACKPINK and understands what BLINKS want and need.

For instance, when YG Entertainment announced that the BLACKPINK online concert BLACKPINK: THE SHOW will now be held on Jan. 31 instead of Dec. 27, Globe was quick to tell BLINKS to stay tuned for a wonderful surprise on Dec. 27.

Globe, which is one of the sponsors of the concert, engaged with the online community of BLINKS on social media and got everyone excited with the “Globe: The Pre-Show” live event on Dec. 27 on its Facebook page.

Making BLINKS happy

Then it delighted BLINKS when it turned out that “Globe: The Pre-Show” would launch the Globe and BLACKPINK TVC.

And what an awesome TVC it is!

As you can see from the thousands of comments posted by BLINKS on the TVC, which has been uploaded on different online channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, this has the vibe of a BLACKPINK music video.

I even posted a comment on the YouTube video: “Thanks, Globe, for this world-class TVC worthy of the global Queens of K-pop! And thanks for always engaging with us BLINKS. And granting Lisa’s wish to visit Bohol’s Chocolate Hills and see the whale sharks — at least virtually, for now 😃”

See that attention to detail by the makers of the Globe and BLACKPINK TVC? BLACKPINK member Lisa, who happens to be my bias, by the way, is an endorser of Filipino fashion brand Penshoppe. In her Penshoppe TV livestream on Nov. 29, Lisa had named the two places she would like to visit when she goes to the Philippines again.

Moreover, Globe has been engaging with BLINKS and other K-pop fans on social media long before the telco named BLACKPINK as its brand ambassador. It shows that Globe knows how to walk the talk, and isn’t just riding on the popularity of K-pop and all things Korean.

Superfans and content creators

Philippine telco Globe Telecom made legions of BLINKS happy with the world premiere last night of the first Globe and BLACKPINK TVC. Image credit: Globe Telecom
Image credit: Globe Telecom

Other brands can learn lessons from the Globe and BLACKPINK partnership.

One is that brands should work closely with the community. Instead of just treating BLACKPINK as celebrity endorsers, Globe has gone out of its way to engage with the online community of Filipino BLINKS.

As someone who hates how influencer marketing, which used to be earned media, devolved into another form of paid media, I will loudly proclaim that superfans are more valuable than paid influencers.

Superfans like BLINKS genuinely love BLACKPINK, and so a brand which gets BLACKPINK as its endorser will also support that brand — as long as you treat our idols well and create great content and campaigns with them.

Plus superfans like BLINKS are also prolific content creators. Social media posts, Twitter Trending Topics, fan art, memes, GIFs, fanmade videos and documentaries, TikTok challenges — you name it, superfans can create it. All because of our love for our idols.

Earned, not paid

And we don’t need to get paid. Heck, we spend money to support BLACKPINK by buying their albums and merch.

For instance, getting all four versions of BLACKPINK’s first full album in South Korea, “THE ALBUM“, to show how much I appreciate their hard work and dedication, and help them break sales records.

Also, since Pepsi Philippines still hasn’t come out with BLACKPINK cans in the Philippines, I bought a Pepsi China Lisa can from a seller on Shopee. And I can’t wait to get my hands on a Pepsi Thailand Lisa can once someone sells it.

Contrast that with paid influencers. Sometimes the brand or agency would even provide the content plan and social media script to them. So, yeah, influencer marketing has became just another form of paid media. Plus every Tom, Dick, and Harry calls himself an influencer.

Yet how influential are influencers? Compared to BLINKS, or other K-pop superfans?

Why authenticity matters

Another lesson is that brands should get celebrities as endorsers while they are still hot, just as BLACKPINK is now. Not sign up South Korean celebrities months after their popular K-dramas have ended.

Lastly, this is social media, which demands authenticity. So your brand’s social media managers and community managers should have an authentic voice and actually engage with the community.

Follow the example of @KmmunityPH, which is Globe’s “official stan account for K-drama, K-pop and all things hallyu!” You will see the difference between a passionate brand voice, and one that is just phoning it in.

This year was all about authenticity, and brands should expect this trend to continue in 2021.

“Now, consumers need more than just great deals to trust, identify with, and invest in a brand. At this point, many brands have taken notice by embracing authenticity and their human side on social media.”

So take care of our queens, Globe, and we BLINKS will support you.

BLACKPINK is the revolution!