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iQIYI Chinese streaming service truly going global

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For some time now, I’ve been consuming more Asian content, which led me to discovering the iQIYI Chinese streaming service owned by Baidu.

It was my love for BLACKPINK that put iQIYI on my radar, because my bias Lisa joined China’s idol survival program “Youth With You” as dance mentor during the second season of this iQIYI original series. With its treasure trove of Korean and Chinese dramas, movies, variety shows, and anime, the streaming site quickly became a favorite of mine.

The return of Mentor Lisa

The iQIYI Chinese streaming service is owned by Baidu. Image credit: iQIYI
BLACKPINK member Lisa is returning as dance mentor in the third season of “Youth With You’. Image credit: iQIYI

While iQIYI offers its basic service for free in exchange for serving ads, I subscribed to the premium service because I hate ads.

And with Lisa returning as dance mentor on Season 3 of “Youth With You”, and all the interesting content that the iQIYI Chinese streaming service offers, I’m sure I’ll be going to this site for the long haul.

Kwon Na Ra stars in the K-drama "Royal Secret Agent". Image credit: iQIYI
Kwon Na Ra stars in the K-drama “Royal Secret Agent”. Image credit: iQIYI

Nowadays, the K-drama I’m following is “Royal Secret Agent”, the South Korean historical comedy and detective TV series from KBS, which streams on iQIYI. Mainly because it stars my favorite South Korean actress Kwon Na Ra, whom most K-drama fans know for playing Oh Soo Ah in “Itaewon Class”.

In fact, it’s gratifying to see iQIYI succeeding in its goal of becoming a world-class streaming service and creating high-quality content for the regional and global market.

In October last year, its original series “The Bad Kids” made history as the first Chinese TV series to win the Best Creative award at the Asia Contents Awards.

Meanwhile, in December it launched its international headquarters in Singapore and said it would create more Singaporean content.

As I’ve previously said, Asia is the revolution. Asia is not just a consumer of Western pop culture. Asia is creating global pop culture, and this is just the beginning.

I can’t wait to see the future unfold.