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Training esports athletes: PESO accredits YEP

To institutionalize the training of esports athletes, the Pilipinas E-Sports Organization has accredited the Youth Esports Program. Image credit: Mineski
Image credit: Mineski

The future is bright for esports in the Philippines. To institutionalize the training of the country’s future esports athletes, the Pilipinas E-Sports Organization (PESO) has officially accredited Mineski Philippines‘ Youth Esports Program (YEP).

“The Philippines has a vast pool of talent that has the potential to succeed in esports. The partnership between PESO and YEP will put a grassroots program in place that nurtures young talent and engages stakeholders to drive the growth of esports in the country. With the right infrastructure and programs in place, we hope that more young Filipinos will see the potential of esports, from opportunities to participate in high-level competition and cultivate the discipline of an athlete to considering pursuing a career within the large, growing ecosystem of the esports industry,” said PESO Board Member and Mineski Global CEO Ronald Robins in a press statement.

Accelerating esports growth

PESO is the National Sports Association for esports in the country recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee. It formalized the partnership with Pillar Digital E-Commerce, Inc., the parent company of Mineski Philippines, to accredit YEP as one of PESO’s flagship activities in 2021 to promote the growth of esports among its local stakeholders.

YEP is an initiative by Mineski and the Philippine Collegiate Champions League that promotes responsible gaming among young people and brings co-curricular esports programs to schools nationwide. YEP also recognizes chapter organizations within universities, organizes the National Interschool Cyber League, and hosts regular YEP talks for YEP Chapters to come together to compete, learn, and have fun within the program. To date, YEP has a network of over 200 schools all over the Philippines

As one of PESO’s key programs in the coming year, the association will promote YEP as a training program for future esports athletes, introducing and endorsing it to schools that might want to formally join the program.

Preparing for Asian Games

YEP will also be endorsed to the International Esports Federation as an example of a commendable esports program for the youth.

Meanwhile, Mineski will assist PESO member organizations in tapping YEP member schools to promote their future events and activities.

Most recently, esports has been announced as an official medal event in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022. The team behind YEP notes that this can be motivation to further develop the grassroots program.

“Filipinos have fared well in past global competitions, and with esports becoming an official sport within larger platforms, we hope that more young people will see the potential of bringing together what they love with the discipline and rigor of competing at the highest levels. We know that the next champion could be from anywhere, and YEP will cast a wide net by engaging colleges and universities, as well as student organizations, to drive the growth of esports in the Philippines,” said YEP Program Director Marlon Marcelo.

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