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MSI: Mother of all dragons, laptops for all gamers

If you love Dungeons & Dragons, you might have heard of Tiamat, who is inspiring MSI to bring the best technology to the gaming industry. Image credit: MSI
Image credit: MSI

If you love Dungeons & Dragons, you might have heard of Tiamat, who is inspiring MSI to bring the best technology to the gaming industry.

For its upcoming 35th anniversary, the gaming giant is harking back to Babylonian mythology and Tiamat, the mother of all dragons which represents supreme strength and force. The myth of Tiamat has inspired pop culture, such as the five-headed draconic goddess in the D&D game and TV series. And just as she gave birth to dragons, Tiamat is bringing forth the next generation of MSI gaming hardware powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics: the MSI GE66 Raider, GE76 Raider, GS66 Stealth, GP66 Leopard, GP76 Leopard, and Stealth 15M series.

Cutting-edge technology

“MSI Philippines is excited to unveil these new additions to our gaming catalogue. This series is set to bring users a whole new powerful experience with first-in-the market specs that not only changes the way you play, but will also propel the gaming industry in the Philippines forward,” said MSI Philippines Product Manager Rhyan Sy in a press statement.

As a frontrunner in next-generation gaming technology, the company is bringing a new innovative experience to gamers with the GeForce RTX 30 Series, the latest core processors from Intel, WiFi 6E adaptation, and AI revolution, integrated into the new series.

Moreover, MSI is collaborating with Intel and NVIDIA, adapting the Resizable Bar technology. This technique enables the CPU to have full access to GPU memory and boost frame-per-second (FPS) by 5%-10% to advance gaming to the next level. It’s built with groundbreaking enhanced RT Core, new streaming multiprocessors, for the most realistic ray-traced graphics, and Tensor Cores for cutting-edge AI rendering technology. Reflecting the growing importance of optimized Internet connectivity, MSI’s new lineup supports Wi-Fi 6E, capable of operating in the 6 GHz band — which is the first in the industry. This offers faster data output for video streaming, virtual reality, and other wireless experiences.

Gaming DNA

True to the spirit of Tiamat, however, MSI brings more than just the latest gaming hardware to the table, but also the company’s gaming DNA.

“Some are PC. We are gaming,” MSI Product Marketing Associate Ira James Garcia said during the virtual launch of the gaming laptops.

Asked to elaborate on this statement by Digital Life Asia, Garcia replied: “MSI has been a gaming brand for more than 10 years. We have sponsored the biggest esports teams like Fnatic. So MSI has had the gaming DNA for many, many years now, and we are one of the leaders in gaming PC technology.”

Garcia also said that MSI Philippines is looking to sponsor more esports events and teams in the country. Last year, the company sponsored the League of Legends team of Liyab Esports, and also held the MSI Rainbow Six: Siege Cup together with NVIDIA.

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