Month: March 2021

Virtual Visita Iglesia: Smart, Laguna offer VR church visits

Lenovo APAC business to be headed by Amar Babu

ALAMAT: Legend continues for P-pop group showcasing melody of Philippine languages

‘DOTA o Ako’ music video sequel released by Netflix

SDG Academy Indonesia offers mobile learning program

Call of Duty: Mobile, DBTK launch PH merch collab

AnimeJapan 2021: ‘Yasuke’, ‘Eden’ and more from Netflix

‘The Suicide Squad’: Supervillains dying to save the world

Earth Hour 2021: Join zero carbon initiatives via Globe

COMELEC spokesperson: Don’t just vent, register to vote

Digital fraud from PH targets Gen Z, says TransUnion

‘Life enabler’: Globe reinvents itself in age of COVID-19