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‘WandaVision’ series finale: I got the magic in me

I just finished watching the "WandaVision" series finale on Disney+, and I'm still crying. It's hard to believe this brilliant series is over. Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney+
Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney+

I just finished watching the “WandaVision” series finale on Disney+ and I’m still crying. It’s hard to believe this brilliant series is over.

Nine episodes. Just nine episodes. Most of which have a running time of barely more than 30 minutes — and that includes the lengthy credits. But with so much brilliance packed into each episode. And while the “WandaVision” series finale has the longest running time at 49 minutes, it’s still mindboggling how much happened in this final episode, which, by the way, includes not one, but two mid-credits scenes. Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the “WandaVision” series finale yet.

So what happens now?

Episode 9, which is fittingly titled “The Series Finale”, is the craziest of them all. Which is saying a lot, considering how trippy this series has been.

When Marvel Studios announced that “WandaVision” would be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Disney+ series, I don’t think anyone could have expected it would be like this. While I’ve loved the show from the start, I know a lot of viewers had mixed feelings about the first three episodes. But once the show unveiled more of its mysteries and connections with the larger MCU world out there, the true brilliance of “WandaVision” was revealed.

Personally, I like how like the Disney+ strategy of releasing just one “WandaVision” episode a week, which of course was influenced by the success of their Star Wars series “The Mandalorian”. In fact, “WandaVision” becoming such a huge hit could change the future of streaming, as this article put it.

While it’s a throwback in the age of binge watching, the weekly release of new episodes just makes each new one feel like an event. Like must-see TV. Like “Game of Thrones”.

Not only that, but also the weekly format makes all the fan theories more enjoyable, with everyone abuzz on social during, after, and while waiting for the next episode.

And, man, did a lot of big events drop throughout this series, with huge ramifications for the future of the MCU, which is now in Phase 4. Particularly after all the crazy things that happened in the “WandaVision” series finale, which honestly felt like a whole MCU movie packed into less than an hour.

Will fans be disappointed?

So many historic things happened in this series, which Marvel Studios said from the start would lead into the second Doctor Strange movie, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness“.

Oh, and “WandaVision” might also tie into the upcoming “Loki” Disney+ series and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” movie.

But, honestly, all I want is more “WandaVision”. This series made us all laugh and cry so much. And this series finale was both exhilarating and heartbreaking.

I’m not sure if anyone could have expected how things would turn out in this final episode. Maybe some fans would even be disappointed, considering all the wild theories people have come up with throughout this series. And how “WandaVision” kept teasing us, to the point where we didn’t know if an Easter egg is really just an Easter egg, or if OMG, Marvel is really doing this and thank God Disney bought Fox!


A memory made real

So “WandaVision” gave birth to a lot of new things. And introduced characters into the MCU. And a lot of awesome elements from the comic books. But even for comic book readers like me, it was hard to predict how things would unfold.

That’s the beauty of the MCU. It already has its own history and take on these comic book characters. We never really know how things will be changed for the shows and movies.

So, yes, I’m really happy Wanda Maximoff was finally officially called the Scarlet Witch in the MCU. The Darkhold is here. And I shudder to think of all the consequences from all the things that unfolded in the “WandaVision” series finale.

Magic is alive and well in the MCU. Witches are here and they’re playing for keeps. And Phase 4 is an exciting, unpredictable time for every Marvel fan.

But for now, all I can do is cry for Wanda. And for a memory made real.


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