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‘On The Ground’ MV of BLACKPINK Rosé makes world premiere

With the world premiere of her stunning "On The Ground" MV today at 1 PM Philippine Standard Time, BLACKPINK main vocalist Rosé has finally made her long-awaited solo debut. Image credit: Screenshot of 'On The Ground' music video on YouTube
Image credit: Screenshot of ‘On The Ground’ music video on YouTube

“Everything I need is on the ground.” With the world premiere of her stunning “On The Ground” music video (MV) today at 1 PM Philippine Standard Time, BLACKPINK main vocalist Rosé has finally made her long-awaited solo debut.

“On The Ground” is the title track from her solo debut album, “R”, which also contains the sub-title track “Gone” which she previewed at BLACKPINK’s first livestream concert on Jan. 31, BLACKPINK: THE SHOW. Rosé guested earlier today on YouTube’s weekly music show “RELEASED”, where her older sister Alice answered questions about her via phone. Rosé also performed solos on random instruments, including a kazoo, and shared some teasers about her title track before counting down to the world premiere of the “On The Ground” MV.

Solo debut breaking records

Even prior to the launch, Rosé has already broken a record for female K-pop soloists, surpassing 400,000 copies in stock pre-orders of her solo debut album “R”, according to this Soompi article.

In her “RELEASED” interview, Rosé talked about how the “On The Ground” MV shows her past and present self, and described what the music would be like, with interesting hints about how the first part of the song made her feel like she’s wearing a cowboy hat in the Wild West, with tumbleweeds and all. She also describes the part about being in the clouds, and then how she goes back to earth in a field of grass, which she then amends to a field of roses.

“It was so cinematic. And just everything that I would dream my first solo music video to be,” Rosé said in her “RELEASED” interview.

Asked how different it was to create her own solo music video from working with her group, Rosé replied: “It’s a whole different thing, I would say. Me having to carry a whole song from start to finish. I always have my girls around me to back me up. I honestly think that me being in the group as BLACKPINK has helped me a lot with what I have been able to achieve by myself. Without them I would not have all the experience that I have right now. Through this solo project, people get to know a little more about that BLACKPINK Rosé that they saw. It’s just an extended version of whatever you guys have seen in the past.”

Rosé and Alice

Her sister Alice also shared interesting facts about Rosé in the “Phone A Friend” portion of the interview.

“What’s Rosé like on road trips?” the interviewer asked.

“On road trips, it’s either her singing constantly… the whole trip… or sleeping. We would sometimes drive from Melbourne to Canberra. And that’s like a whole eight-hour drive. And she would literally sing for the whole eight hours!” Alice replied.

Today, March 12, is Soloist Rosé Debut Day. And as she put it in “On The Ground”, where she has songwriting credits as well as in “Gone”:

“I worked my whole life
Just to get high just to realize
Everything I need is on the
Everything I need is on the ground”

Congratulations, Rosé!


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