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Realm: Serial Box rebrands, unveils free podcast strategy

Image credit: Screenshot of Realm iOS app
Image credit: Screenshot of Realm iOS app

If you’re a fan of the premium digital audio and reading platform Serial Box like me, the good news is that it has rebranded itself as Realm. Along with the sleek new look as part of the complete makeover, Realm is expanding its business model to offer original shows as free podcasts.

Realm now describes itself as “part podcast studio, part magical refuge”. With this shift, it has announced that some of its most popular titles will now be available for free as ad-supported podcasts on different platforms, such as Apple and Spotify. This includes “Orphan Black: The Next Chapte‪r‬”, the official continuation of the hit TV series, which is narrated by its Emmy award-winning star Tatiana Maslany herself.

What’s in a name?

So why did Serial Box rebrand?

Here’s what they have to say in their blog post.

“Why the name change? Well, we wanted something shorter, sweeter, and easier to spell. We’ll always love the pun that is Serial Box, but it led to reactions like ‘Cereal Box?’ or ‘Oh, you work for ‘Serial’, the true crime podcast?’ As we grow, we want our name to express what we offer in our stories—a refuge, a portal to another world, a place beyond the binaries of reality. You’re coming to us to be entertained, to relax—whatever the reason, we welcome you.”

In an interview with Variety, Realm Co-Founder and CEO Molly Barton, who is a former Penguin Random House executive said: “We are coming to the podcast ecosystem with some unique advantages.”

For one, the company already has 1.3 million listeners worldwide. For another, it has established great relationships with recognized writers and voice talent. Apart from Maslany, these luminaries include George Takei, William Jackson Harper, and John Carpenter.

What I’m most excited about, however, is the new Realm Unlimited membership. For just US$3.99 a month or US$29.99 a year, you get to enjoy ad-free listening, early access to new series, and exclusive access to bonus content on select shows.

Note that Marvel and DC shows will not be a part of Realm Unlimited, so you need to purchase them a la carte just like before, but you do get special discounts on these shows if you’re a Realm Unlimited member.

See you at Realm!

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