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Save the Children, save the world

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Save the Children, which is celebrating its 40th year in the Philippines, has named actress Liza Soberano as its newest ambassador.

The world’s leading independent children’s organization, Save the Children aims to give children a good start in life, protect them from violence and any other damage, and help them learn crucial skills. Soberano is known for using her social media platforms to support women and children’s rights, including joining forces with a senator to fight the online sexual exploitation of children.

Supporting Save the Children

Image credit: Save the Children Philippines
Image credit: Save the Children Philippines

Becoming a child rights advocate is a dream come true for the actress, according to the official announcement by the organization.

“’Officially joining Save the Children Philippines as an ambassador is a dream come true for me,’ said Soberano who has been silently donating to the child rights organization and sponsoring children in Uganda since 2016.

“’I just want to help people in any form and in any way that I can, and I feel like through Save the Children, I’ll be able to do so much more,’ Soberano said.”

I recently started supporting this advocacy, and was happy to learn that they have tapped Soberano as their new ambassador.

One of the ways I’m supporting this children’s organization is by buying the “I Pledge to Save the Children” T-shirt it launched in partnership with to celebrate its 40th anniversary. is a free online platform for fundraising, for-profit selling, and custom orders, where you can design, sell, and buy custom products. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to Save the Children Philippines.

A better world for children

I passionately believe that every child has the right to a better life, including access to quality education.

As I’ve mentioned before, education is very dear to my heart. I believe it’s the way to ensure that the younger generation will have a better future and solve society’s problems.

Since it’s the policy of Digital Life Asia not to accept food, giveaways, gifts, and other tokens from brands and PR firms, and not to participate in any games and raffles in media briefings and other events, I have asked these companies to consider donating the money they would have spent to a worthy cause.

It would be awesome if the money that would have gone to sending swag and other stuff would be donated instead to this children’s organization.

I hope this doesn’t sound presumptuous or in bad taste. This is just a suggestion to those who have sent me stuff in the past.

Let’s all do our share in helping save the children — and helping save the world.

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