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‘Army of the Dead’ first 15 minutes: Good, mindless fun

Viva Las Vegas, and long live "Army of the Dead"! Image credit: Screenshot of 'First 15 Minutes of Army of the Dead' YouTube video
Image credit: Screenshot of ‘First 15 Minutes of Army of the Dead’ YouTube video

Viva Las Vegas, and long live “Army of the Dead”! Hurry and watch the first 15 minutes of this Netflix Film on YouTube before it’s gone, because “this video will self-destruct after 32 hours”.

Be warned: they aren’t kidding. This really is mature content. “Army of the Dead” has one of the craziest first 15 minutes of a movie that I have ever seen. It’s so over-the-top, bloody as hell, and filled with non-stop action that you should just enjoy the ride and not think too much about where this film is going, or what the hell is happening. This is a visceral, visual treat that actually looks and feels like a short film instead of just the opening sequence. Okay, Zack Snyder, you’ve done a great job of whetting our appetites. God knows those zombies are hungry.

Marketing ‘Army of the Dead’

I have to give Netflix props for, first, helping Snyder bring “Army of the Dead” to life after over a decade in development limbo, and, two, for marketing the hell out of this zombie heist action thriller.

Prior to posting the first 15 minutes of “Army of the Dead”, Netflix held an interactive global livestream event. This Unlock the Vault livestream featured Snyder, lead actor Dave Bautista, and other cast members giving a set of instructions for fans to follow. The instructions consisted of different emojis that fans had to type in the comments section of the livestream.

Of course, this wasn’t actually interactive, but rather a pre-recorded video of Snyder and company outlining the mission and giving instructions. It was actually hilarious how slowly the construction workers were digging up the vault. And then you would have a cast member shouting that you need to type construction worker emojis.

Gore and humor

Needless to say, this livestream event had tongue-in-cheek humor in spades — pun definitely intended. But it was also a pretty creative way to engage fans and introduce the different cast members, while also showcasing this movie’s brand of humor.

Humor still plays a huge role in the first 15 minutes, even with “Army of the Dead” racking a body count higher than the entirety of other movies.

Again, don’t think too much. The point of the first 15 minutes is not really logic or the bigger story, but an opportunity for Snyder to unleash his trademark incredible visuals and for the characters to kick ass.

As I said in my review of the Snyder Cut, my favorite Snyder film is still “300”. “Army of the Dead” is giving me the same feeling of awe.

Here’s hoping the rest of the movie lives up to the first 15 minutes.

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