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Mr Doodle celebrates marriage with new art collection

Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries
Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries

Millennial artist Sam Cox, better known as Mr Doodle, has finally found Mrs Doodle and is celebrating by releasing his new Pop Heart collection.

The British-born Mr Doodle, whose works have amassed nearly US$4.7M in auctions in Asia and elsewhere in just over nine months and who has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, has collaborated with different iconic brands, including Fendi, MTV, Puma, and Samsung.

Doodle hearts

Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries
Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries

“I have created a series of nine doodle hearts inspired by my lovely wife Mrs Doodle. The artworks feature jellyfish falling in love, romantic flowers, and cuddly doodle creatures hugging each other. Each artwork has been doodled in a different color so that if you collect all nine doodles then you can display the perfect rainbow of hearts. Each piece shows a collection of different characters cutely compiled within the heart shape in a unique way. I hope you enjoy exploring the nine hearts and finding your favorite characters,” Mr Doodle said in a press statement.

Mr Doodle’s series of doodle hearts is an open invitation for art lovers to discover what love means to them. His doodles include secret messages and symbols in them.

The collection of nine different hearts in nine colors will begin with the release of three prints: Robot Kiss, Puppy Love, and Flower Warmth.

Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries
Image credit: Mr Doodle and Pearl Lam Galleries

Each print release will be limited to 300 plus 10 AP of each image.

Of the 300, 200 will be sold in single editions and 100 of each color will make up 100 special collector box sets.  

Origin story

As recounted in the Artnet article, Mr Doodle is not only a character that Cox created, but also a whole lifestyle.

The artist established the template in his first commercial solo exhibition, “Attention Seeker,” at London’s Hoxton Gallery in 2016. There, he drew a continuous mural across adjoining walls, up and down columns, onto adjacent flooring, and over a grand dining set complete with plates and a floral centerpiece. When he returned to the finished show in his matching attire, Cox blended easily into his doodled environment, making for a perfect Instagram moment. 

All this plays into an ongoing world-building exercise. Cox has developed a whimsical origin story that would fit snugly into an illustrated children’s book or animated Netflix series: Born with a compulsion to draw, Mr. Doodle ran afoul of the fun-hating Anti-Doodle Squad by literally covering the entire planet in his imagery. The two sides made a truce contingent on the artist blasting off to Doodle Land, part of a galaxy made of blank paper, where he could draw to his heart’s content.

A driving force within Asia’s contemporary art scene, Pearl Lam Galleries is the exclusive global representative for Mr Doodle. Its flagship space is located in the historic Pedder Building in Hong Kong, while the Shanghai space lies in the heart of the Bund district.