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MiTH acquired by Ampverse, promotes Fullerton Markets

The worlds of gaming and finance will collide as MiTH (Made in Thailand), one of Southeast Asia's most popular esports teams, joins the portfolio of Singapore-based esports company Ampverse. Image credit: Ampverse
Image credit: Ampverse

The worlds of gaming and finance will collide as MiTH (Made in Thailand), one of Southeast Asia’s most popular esports teams, joins the portfolio of Singapore-based esports company Ampverse.

Apart from the strategic majority stake acquisition of MiTH, Ampverse has announced that it has secured trading platform Fullerton Markets as a long-term strategic partner across MiTH’s PUBG PC and FIFA pro teams. The multi-channel partnership with Fullerton Markets will feature integration across all MiTH team assets, including their pro kit and jerseys, always-on team content, and brand ambassador channels.

“We are thrilled to partner with Southeast Asian region’s leading esports organization, Ampverse, in order to reach young professionals via their favorite esports teams. We have spotted parallel interests in today’s youth, who are not only immersed in esports and loyal to their favorite teams, but are also more financially savvy than ever. This partnership with Ampverse and MiTH offers the perfect opportunity for Fullerton Markets to engage this lucrative Gen Z demographic,” said Fullerton Markets CEO Mario Singh in a press statement.

Esports pioneer

Founded in 2012, MiTH is home to some of the most popular esports athletes and live streamers in Thailand. The team’s founders come from both a professional gaming and television host background and are widely respected within the community as the early pioneers of esports in Asia.

“We have been working solo for more than 10 years, and now with Ampverse we have a very strong partner who is ready to not only take MiTH teams and talents to new heights but also elevate the entire esports industry. We look forward to taking MiTH to the next level as part of the Ampverse family, and we are excited to kickstart the upcoming partnership with Fullerton Markets,” said MiTH Co-Founder Chanignun Thipairote.

With esports revenue expected to accelerate year-on-year globally, businesses are increasingly looking to invest in the diverse interests and subcultures of today’s youths as a way to reach Gen Z audiences across the region. The partnership with Fullerton Markets is an important marker of a traditional industry like finance embracing the impact of the gaming phenomenon. 

Gen Z and gaming

Esports and livestream viewership includes youth who are loyal to their favorite teams. Newzoo reports that 75% of Gen Z and 71% of millennial gamers regularly consume gaming content from their favorite streamers. Globally, Gen Z are also increasingly financially literate, often independently growing and managing their wealth on trading platforms such as Fullerton Markets. 

“Ampverse aims to work with esports communities which are driven by passionate, smart and hungry founders. MiTH represents everything we stand for and is a great example of a legendary Southeast Asian esports team that was built through dedication and hard work. We are thrilled to support the founders, the teams, and every single member within the organization to further grow the brand into something the fans can be truly proud of,” said Ampverse Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer Matthias Meti Beyer.

MiTH will join Bacon Time and SBTC Esports as part of Ampverse’s growing portfolio of owned and operated esports assets.

The rightsholder’s blueprint of acquiring, scaling, and commercializing teams has been yielding very positive results. Most recently, Bacon Time’s community has grown fourfold in the last twelve months and they are champions of the largest domestic esports league in Thailand, while SBTC is the currently the No. 1 Wild Rift team in Southeast Asia and the most popular team in Vietnam, according to leading third-party analytics company, Esports Charts.

Bacon Time recently partnered with PepsiCo’s Doritos to create brand awareness among the millennial generation in Thailand.