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Identity V: NetEase intros new Survivor Little Girl

Are you ready to welcome a new Survivor to the manor in Identity V? Image credit: NetEase Games
Image credit: NetEase Games

Are you ready to welcome a new Survivor to the manor in Identity V?

Say hello to Little Girl, who is determined to find out the truth about the nightmare.

Identity V is the first 1v4 asymmetrical mobile game of NetEase Games, the online games division of China’s NetEase, Inc. In this multiplayer survival horror video game, Detective Orpheus is out to unravel the mystery behind the killings in an abandoned manor. Now that Little Girl has been rescued, she has officially become a Survivor in Season 18 Essence 3, which starts on Nov. 12.

New Survivor

“It was a forgotten home lodged in my deepest memory. Surrounded by the gentle lapping of the waves, the fragrance of the flora, and the laughter of loved ones,” Little Girl recalls in her voice over on the Season 18 Essence 3 trailer.

In Season 18 Essence 3, players will have the chance to get the Little Girl Costume, Toy Merchant A Costume, Evil Reptilian A Costume, and other characters’ themed costumes.

Character skills

Little Girl’s skills include:

  • Memory Fragment. Little Girl carries with her pieces of the recorded past known as Memory Fragments. Tap the button to throw a Memory Fragment, which creates a circular area of effect on the ground within a short period of time. All characters within this area will be launched a certain distance in the direction that the circle is expanding.
  • Memory Sync. Little Girl can initiate Memory Sync with nearby allies to move and interact alongside them, increasing their decoding speed by 70%, vaulting speed by 15%, and pallet-dropping/Rocket Chair-rescuing speed by30%. Little Girl can use Memory Fragments while performing Memory Sync. While her Memory Sync is activated, Hunters cannot attack her with normal attacks or abilities. If a synced Survivor is knocked down or Little Girl takes damage while using Memory Sync, its effects will be dispelled. Little Girl can also cancel Memory Sync herself, which will grant her and the Survivor a 30% movement speed boost for the next two seconds.
  • Pity. Little Girl doesn’t want those around her to be trapped within a nightmare. She can teleport herself next to any free-moving teammate. When Little Girl is within a Hunter’s Terror radius, she can’t teleport to a specified teammate. When Little Girl vanishes, Hunters can see her location before teleporting.

Join her in the manor and confront the nightmare on Nov. 12.