SYKES aims to bolster employee engagement via app

Multinational BPO pioneer SYKES Philippines is launching a faster and more optimized version of the SYKES PH Mobile App created exclusively for its employees.

Multinational BPO pioneer SYKES Philippines is launching a faster and more optimized version of the SYKES PH Mobile App created exclusively for its employees.

Version 2.0 of the app will feature a fresh and slick design, integrated with tools that employees often use and need, providing them a quick and easy way to access important updates and links.

“Communication is a core component of the success of our operations and with thousands of employees to manage, we really need to leverage on the modern capabilities of technology to keep in touch with all of them.We made improvements to our previous app to keep it fresh and responsive to current needs and for a better overall experience that will keep SYKESers entertained and connected to their colleagues,” said Lia Lynn Marcos, Human Resources, Senior Director, APAC of SYKES in a press statement.


Bonds.PH app makes bond investing easy for unbanked

Union Bank of the Philippines President and CEO Edwin R. Bautista says the Bonds.PH mobile app will benefit every Filipino.
Union Bank of the Philippines President and CEO Edwin R. Bautista says the Bonds.PH mobile app will benefit every Filipino.

Have you ever thought of investing in retail treasury bonds? Now the Bonds.PH mobile app makes it easy for every Filipino, even the unbanked, to do so for as low as US$100.

The Philippine Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) is the first in Asia to launch an app for the distribution of retail treasury bonds enabled by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

“The launch of Bonds.PH paves the way for all Filipinos, particularly the unbanked, to easily and affordably invest in the BTr’s newest retail treasury bond, RTB-24 or the Progreso Bonds. The mobile app presents a compelling opportunity for all to invest and help the Republic raise funds for economic recovery and COVID-19 response,” Philippine National Treasurer Rosalia V. De Leon said in a press statement.

The launch was made possible in partnership with Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) and Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX).

“This is the first retail treasury bond issuance to leverage on blockchain technology in Asia, and likely the world. The Philippines is ready to lead the way into the future and tech up the nation with innovative, inclusive opportunities, powered by emerging technologies, for the benefit of all Filipinos,” said UnionBank President and CEO Edwin R. Bautista.


Learn new skills at home while having fun with TikTok

Learn new skills with TikTok.
Learn a new language.

Hands down one of the world’s most popular apps, TikTok now wants to showcase its potential as a highly engaging platform that helps users learn new skills. Dubbed as the #TikTokU Program, this learning-centric campaign will be launched on May 25. TikTok is also looking for content creators in the Philippines who will become part of its #TikTokU Program, giving away a total of Php2M for their educational videos.

With most people staying home, this could be the perfect time to learn new skills through the short-form video platform’s extensive library of educational videos, which can be consumed in a minute or less. So why not learn a new language? Watch a quick art and crafts tutorial? Or enjoy trivia?

“These days, education is no longer confined to classrooms, and the ways of learning are changing, too. TikTok is giving alternative and accessible ways for the thirsty creative minds of Filipinos open to discovering new ideas. We believe that everybody deserves access to various forms of education. That is why we are launching #TikTokU. We hope users will join us in celebrating knowledge and sharing their creativity for the benefit of the wider community,” said John Castro, TikTok User, Community and Operations Manager, in a press statement.


Business survival: Accept new normal for at least a year

Business survival tips from Angkas Chief Transport Advocate George Royeca: adapt to the situation, stay relevant, and weather the storm.
Angkas Chief Transport Advocate George Royeca’s business survival tips? Adapt to the situation, stay relevant, and weather the storm.

One day, the enhanced community quarantine will end. It is wrong, however, to think consumer confidence will return immediately. In fact, business survival means asking yourself if your company can adapt to the present conditions for at least a year.

“A lot of people don’t realize that it’s really not a matter of whether the President lifts the lockdown,” said George Royeca, Chief Transport Advocate of Angkas. “It’s a matter of when we find a cure. The only way to beat this virus is when you find a vaccine or a cure. In the meantime, what do we do to co-exist with COVID?”

According to Royeca, the key to business survival is accepting this reality.

“Even with the ECQ being lifted, it’s not going to be back to normal. Consumer confidence is shot. It’s going to take a while for that to ramp up. Give it a year or two in your business horizon. At least a year, to see how your business will survive. So looking at it from a three-month perspective is very dangerous. It could be damaging to the decisions that you make on how to move your business forward,” he said.

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Turn your screen time into climate solutions with this app

Put your screen time to good use by joining We Don't Have Time.
Put your screen time to good use by joining We Don’t Have Time.

(Editor’s note: A different version of this article on screen time was originally published on Reposted with permission.)

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine, many of us are staying home and spending more time online. What if we could use all that screen time to help solve the climate crisis?

Stockholm-based WeDontHaveTime AB (publ) is a startup crowdfunded by over 550 investors from 15 different countries. This Swedish company operates We Don’t Have Time, which seeks to harness the power of social media to find solutions for the climate crisis.

People can join this social network free of charge, where they can create climate actions and collaborate with other users. By building a community of climate heroes from all over the world, We Don’t Have Time members can influence companies, organizations, and public figures.


Telehealth seen to decongest PH healthcare system

MEDIFI CEO and Co-founder Jay Fajardo says telehealth will democratize access to doctors.
MEDIFI CEO and Co-founder Jay Fajardo says telehealth will democratize access to doctors.

With people forced to stay home, many Filipinos are now relying on online consultations with doctors. Because of this, the COVID-19 pandemic might prove to be the tipping point for the Philippines to embrace telehealth.

“For non-urgent medical needs, telehealth offers a real way to decongest the country’s healthcare system and provides huge convenience to the patient. It has also become a welcome economic benefit for our doctors who have found a new venue to continue their practice,” MEDIFI CEO and Co-founder Jay Fajardo told Digital Life Asia.

MEDIFI is one of the tech startups helping Filipinos cope with the enhanced community quarantine. It is a telehealth platform that allows people to consult with a licensed doctor online for non-emergency health concerns. The site has two components. MEDIFI for Patients lets people consult remotely, while MEDIFI for Doctors allows doctors to take their practice online. MEDIFI for Patients is also available as an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


Tech startups helping Filipinos cope with quarantine

Tech startups that can help you while you stay home

With the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon forcing us to stay home, these eight tech startups can be a godsend.

More and more Filipinos have been embracing ecommerce over the years. Expect online services to become even more popular in the age of social distancing and quarantines due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Need to buy groceries? Have food delivered? Or have someone run errands, or make repairs? Find out how foodpanda,, GrabFood/GrabExpress, LalaFood/Lalamove, Lazada (LazMart), MEDIFI, MetroMart, and MyKuya can make life a bit easier for you in these unusual times.