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‘Lalisa’ MV teaser: 2M YouTube views in less than 1 hour

Image credit: Screenshot of "Lalisa" MV teaser on YouTube
Image credit: Screenshot of ‘Lalisa’ music video teaser on YouTube

“Say Lalisa love me, Lalisa love me,” Lisa sings in the first “Lalisa” music video (MV) teaser posted on Sept. 7 by YG Entertainment.

The “Lalisa” MV teaser is already taking the internet by storm, generating two million views on YouTube in less than an hour.

The MV teaser received one million views in just 18 minutes, and reached two million views in 49 minutes. The release of the 14-second “Lalisa” MV teaser has also seen both LALISA LOVE ME and #LSMVTeaser trend on Twitter.

Hip-hop solo debut single

On Sept. 5, YG Entertainment revealed the tracklist of Lisa’s first single album, also called “LALISA”. Apart from the title track “Lalisa”, it features the song “Money”, as well as instrumental versions of the two songs. Both “Lalisa” and “Money” will be hip-hop songs, according to the agency.

Lisa will perform “Lalisa” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Sept. 10, making her only the second K-pop soloist to guest on the show, after fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé.

The MV teaser includes a snippet of what appears to be Lisa riding a motorbike, as some fans have predicted. This was after the tracklist poster showed Lisa wearing a biker helmet, while a lyric teaser poster that YG Entertainment released on Sept. 4 featured a Ducati motorbike and the words: “Catch me if you can”.

Lisa will hold a “LALISA” V LIVE countdown on Sept. 10 at 12 PM Korean Standard Time (KST) — one hour before the launch of her album launch.

Her solo debut album has already surpassed 700,000 stock pre-orders worldwide as of Aug. 30, setting a new record for a female K-pop soloist.

The album title comes from the Thai name of Lisa, whose full name is Lalisa Manoban. Her birth name was actually Pranpriya, but she changed it to Lalisa, which means “one who is praised”, after a fortune teller told her it would bring her prosperity.